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4 Bad Cycling Habits That Could Be Hurting Your Knees

Cycling is a great way to maintain your flexibility and work your anterior (front) and posterior (back) leg muscles. It's also a low-impact form of exercise that's often gentle on your joints. However, the repetitive motions required for cycling can be hard on your knees – especially if any of the following bad cycling habits apply to you. 1. Pushing Yourself Too Hard It's fine to have goals if you're an...


Keeping Your Back Healthy and Happy

Affecting anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of the population at one time or another, back pain is something most people want to avoid whenever possible. Embrace Ergonomics If you spent most of past year experiencing recurring back pain it may be, in part, because of the way your workspace is set up. A workspace designed with ergonomics in mind is one way to resolve this problem. This simply means: Using a...


Using Your Mind to Keep Your Musculoskeletal System Healthy

While orthopedic pain can certainly have a very real physical cause or source, as is often the case with a herniated disc or damaged joint, the way you interpret pain is largely based on your mental perceptions. Your mental state can also affect the various parts of your musculoskeletal system. So, if your goal is to take control of any existing discomfort you may be experiencing or to improve your...


Stock Up on These Foods After Surgery

Having orthopedic surgery can lead to noticeable improvements with mobility, joint function, and overall quality of life. Many procedures performed today involve minimally invasive techniques that can reduce surgery risks and shorten recovery times. If you are hoping to make the time you'll need to let your body heal and recover from common orthopedic procedures like partial or complete joint replacement surgery even more productive, consider incorporating the following foods...


3 Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Your lower back can bear the brunt of your daily routine. As you sit, stand, stretch, lift, and carry out dozens of other tasks each day, you could inadvertently put strain on this part of your body and, as a result, suffer unnecessary discomfort. You can prevent pain in your lower back by trying out these three helpful suggestions. 1. Change Your Sleeping Position When it seems that your lower back...


Strengthen Your Joints and Muscles with These 5 Exercises

Made of muscles, joints, soft tissues, and nerves, your musculoskeletal system is designed to work with amazing precision and coordination. Even so, your body does need some help keeping everything functioning like a well-oiled machine. This is where regular exercise comes into play. If you focus on the right exercises, your muscles and joints are more likely to remain strong and healthy enough to support your daily movements. 1. Single-Leg Balances If...