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Keeping Your Back Healthy and Happy


Keeping Your Back Healthy and Happy

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Affecting anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of the population at one time or another, back pain is something most people want to avoid whenever possible.

Embrace Ergonomics

If you spent most of past year experiencing recurring back pain it may be, in part, because of the way your workspace is set up. A workspace designed with ergonomics in mind is one way to resolve this problem. This simply means:

  • Using a chair that naturally contours to your spine’s shape
  • Customizing your workstation based on your tasks and body type
  • Changing positions frequently
  • Considering a sit-to-stand workstation

Get Comfy, Supportive Shoes

Another possible source of back pain, particularly in the lower spine area, is your shoes. Back-friendly shoes are ones that have a supportive base that can help retain your spine’s natural alignment. Also with shoes, avoid excessively high heels and footwear that’s too snug.

Be Mindful of Your Back When Driving & Doing Other Activities

Be more careful with common activities. With driving, adjust your seat so your knees are slightly bent and your spine is supported by the seat back. And when on long drives, take occasional breaks to get out of the car and stretch.

With housework, stand upright while vacuuming and mopping. If you do need to bend, change your posture frequently so you’re not straining the same area. When caring for your children, bend at the hips, knees, and ankles when lifting, but avoid twisting or turning. Also, a pillow or armrest can provide added back support while breastfeeding.

Watch Your Mobile Device Posture

If you regularly scroll, text, and check emails while on the go, make a resolution to be more aware when it comes to your mobile device posture. Achieve this goal by:

  • Sitting with your head and neck aligned while reading or texting
  • Keeping your device at chest level so you’re not excessively bending your neck and upper back forward
  • Opting for a hands-free device instead of one with an ear holder

It should just be a given that exercise is also good for your back. But if you find it difficult to stick to anything fitness-related on a regular basis, make a decision to explore forms of exercise you actually enjoy. Water aerobics, yoga, dancing, Tai Chi, cycling, and certain sports not heavily reliant on repetitious movements are just some of the activities that can be enjoyable and good for your back and its supporting muscles at the same time.