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Costa Mesa Orthopedics


Get comprehensive orthopedic care at our Costa Mesa center.

By visiting our Costa Mesa orthopedics center, you can have access to the top specialists in the area. Being able to run, walk, and move without limitation is a luxury your body cannot afford to take for granted.

  • Take care of your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and more by utilizing the professional orthopedic services available at our experienced Costa Mesa orthopedics practice
  • Access skilled surgeons and other specialists


Hand and Wrist Surgery

You use your hands and wrists constantly throughout the day. The continuous strain that you put on them could lead to you developing painful and limiting conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

When it pains you to write, type, grasp small objects, or use your hands and wrists for other common tasks, you could have a condition that warrants prompt and professional orthopedic care. Our doctors can evaluate you for carpal tunnel and other hand and wrist conditions. Your own orthopedic doctor can also perform surgery that will help you get back to your normal routine and use your hands and wrists without pain or limitations.

Orthopedic Sports Medicine

costa-mesa-orthopedics-orange-county-orthopedic-clinic-2Athletes put their bodies through the wringer when they run, jump, and compete in their chosen sports. This rigorous workout can take its toll on your knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, hips, and more.

When you have injured yourself while jogging, running, or playing sports, you can help your body heal faster by undergoing care at our clinic. The doctors can determine what damage has been inflicted on your body and design a plan of treatment that will get you back into competitive shape sooner.

Our orthopedic sports medicine services range from surgery to rehabilitation. You will work closely with doctors and physical therapists so that your body can heal and regain its strength before you return to your favorite sport or athletic activity.

Joint Replacement Surgery

The aging process can take its toll on your joints. When your doctor recommends that you undergo joint replacement surgery, you need the experience and compassion of an orthopedic doctor who can help you get back to your normal life faster

Our orthopedic surgeons are trained and ready to perform your recommended joint replacement surgery. Your surgeon will evaluate you to determine what kind of procedure you need and design a post-operative care program that will help you heal quickly. You also can go through rehabilitation therapy so that you can regain your strength and learn how to move around normally again after your surgery.

Fracture Care

costa-mesa-orthopedics-orange-county-orthopedic-clinic-3Suffering a bone fracture can bring your everyday life to a screeching halt. Your body needs time to recover from both the pain and the shock of the broken bone.

It is important that you entrust your fracture care to an orthopedic doctor who is experienced in diagnosing and treating bone fractures of all kinds. You can have your broken bone x-rayed, cast, and continuously evaluated until your body heals itself from the injury.

If needed, your orthopedic doctor can perform surgery on your fracture and put in pins or plates that will hold the bone together. The level of care available to you at our skilled practicec can speed up your fracture recovery time and also minimize the pain and distress that comes from breaking a bone in your body.

Work-Related Injuries

Getting hurt on the job can be a devastating experience for you and your family. You may want to get back to work as quickly as possible. However, the pain and damage from the injury may prevent you from returning to your job and earning an income for your household.

After you have been hurt at work, you should seek the professional diagnostics and care available to you at our orthopedics office. The doctors here can diagnose injuries like broken bones, muscle strains, repetitive work injuries, and other work-related damages. You can undergo surgery or physical rehabilitation to help you heal and get back to your job faster.

When you plan on pursuing a worker’s compensation claim against your employer, it is likewise important that you have a skilled orthopedic team available to you. Your doctors and surgeons can provide proof of your injuries and also explain what kind of care you require both now and into the future as a result of your on-the-job accident.

Your muscles, tendons, bones, and joints are important to your everyday health. When you have suffered an injury or find it difficult to move normally without pain and limitations, you can get prompt and professional care from a Costa Mesa orthopedics physician. The doctors, therapists, and other healthcare professionals in this medical specialty have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and treat you so that you can get back to your normal routine faster.