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Costa Mesa Orthopedic Center

Learn more about our top orthopedic center in Costa Mesa.

Some musculoskeletal conditions affecting bones, joints, and muscles require input from more than one specialist, and our Costa Mesa orthopedic center allows patients to receive care that ranges from making an initial diagnosis to recommending appropriate rehabilitation techniques.

  • For patients, a coordinated approach to treatment often means access to a wider range of diagnostic and treatment options
  • We provide specialists who often collaborate and present an assortment of treatment options


Not All Fractures Are Simple

Defined as a break in a bone, fractures can affect bones in different ways, depending on how the affected bone was broken. Transverse fractures occur in a straight line while comminuted breaks are ones where there are multiple pieces of broken bone. Crushed (compression) breaks and segmental breaks where there is a piece or two of bone “floating” tend to be especially problematic due to the extent of the damage.

The way in which a fracture occurred will determine the extent of the break and whether or not surgery is necessary. Patients visiting an orthopedic center may experience ongoing pain from any of these fractures due to improper healing or non-surgical treatments that aren’t effective. Other times, patients may have a break that’s in hard-to-reach location.

Some Conditions Aren’t Easy to Diagnosis

costa-mesa-orthopedic-center-orange-county-orthopedic-clinic-2Getting the correct diagnosis isn’t always easy, especially with conditions presenting vague or highly subjective symptoms. This is often the case with low back pain and various forms of arthritis. Even something like hand, foot, or shoulder pain may have multiple contributing factors.

Patients coming to our Costa Mesa orthopedic center will have access to insights from specialists with solid knowledge of all of these conditions and many other bone, joint, and muscle disorders. These specialists frequently work together to present an accurate diagnosis.

Initial Treatment Isn’t Always Successful

Patients sometimes come to an orthopedic clinic when other treatments aren’t providing meaningful relief. Patients often benefit from a fresh look at their condition from a diverse and knowledgeable team. It’s a process that typically includes new image tests to determine if a patient’s condition has changed. This is sometimes the reason why treatments that once worked have since become ineffective.

Another reason for treatments not being effective may be underlying sources of discomfort not previously diagnosed, such as damage to nerve fibers (neuropathic pain). It’s also possible that the true source of pain wasn’t detected during the first attempt at diagnosis. This is sometimes the case when pain is related to compression on nearby nerves, such as the sciatic nerve running from the lower back to the legs.

Certain Procedures Are Fairly Complex

costa-mesa-orthopedic-center-orange-county-orthopedic-clinic-3Surgical procedures to treat musculoskeletal conditions sometimes require a specific series of steps or operations that are performed in stages. Fusion surgery, for instance, is a procedure that can involve stabilizing the spine in multiple locations, depending on the extend of the disc damage. Joint reconstruction and repair surgeries can be just as involved since there are multiple factors to consider, including being mindful of nearby nerves and muscles while performing such procedures.

Anything involving nerves and delicate tissues often requires very thin stitches and other intricate manipulations. Most traumatic injuries are usually complex since damage to joints, bones, and tissues can be widespread or occur in a location that’s difficult to reach. Many of these procedures require input and assistance from more than one specialist, something patients have convenient access to at an orthopedic center.

Newer Technology Could Mean a Faster Recovery

At our center, patients can have access to newer technologies and techniques to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. Cervical artificial disc replacement, for instance, is becoming an increasingly common less-invasive alternative to anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). Artificial disc replacement sometimes negates the need for fusion altogether while also preserving range-of-motion.

Even routine surgeries are becoming less disruptive and invasive due to techniques involving smaller incisions and specially designed instruments and equipment. For patients, this often means fewer complication risks and faster healing since muscles and supporting tissues usually don’t need to be moved out of the way to reach the affected area.

A visit to our Costa Mesa orthopedic center starts with a visit to a single specialist for most patients. During an initial appointment, patients typically undergo an exam that includes a review of their medical history and a discussion of treatments already attempted along with a description of symptoms. It’s then that other specialists are consulted to put together a personalized treatment plan.