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Best Knee Surgeon in Orange County


For skilled knee surgery, visit Orange County Orthopedic Clinic.

Despite being the strongest joint in the human body, a knee is susceptible to injury due to its prominent location—but visiting the best knee surgeon in Orange County can help you to stay active.

  • Soft tissues that support knees are equally vulnerable to damage from inflammation, swelling, and irritation
  • If surgery is an option to treat any aches and pains you may be having with one or both knees, you’ll want the operation performed by the best knee surgeon in Orange County


Meniscus Surgery

Injury to the C-shaped, rubbery disc that cushions the knee (meniscus) can result in pain that ranges from an occasional annoyance to debilitating and persistent discomfort. The type of surgery performed to relieve meniscus pain depends on the extent of the damage. Arthroscopic surgery is done for two purposes — to closely exam the inside of the knee to assess the damage and to remove the damaged cartilage.

When a tear is on the outside of the meniscus, repair surgery is often performed. Also involving arthroscopic techniques such as the use of smaller incisions and special instruments, a meniscus transplant may reduce the risk of developing arthritis within the knee joint at some point in the future. Recovery from meniscus surgery usually takes anywhere from a month to six weeks or more, depending on how healing is proceeding.

ACL Reconstruction

best-knee-surgeon-in-orange-county-orange-county-orthopedic-clinic-2The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of four primary ligaments attaching the tibia and femur bones that connect to the knee. While any of these ligaments may be damaged, the ACL is often affected by a hard impact, a severe twist, or repetitious motions. If this ligament is torn, it can be difficult or impossible to remain physically active. Performed under general anesthesia, reconstructive surgery involves a graft prepared with either tissue from the patient’s own body or donor tissue.

Tendon Repair

Tendons in the front of knee (patellar and quadriceps tendons), in particular tend to be susceptible to rupture from a hard fall or direct impact. Non-surgical treatments such as the use of anti-inflammatory medications and avoidance of excessive movement during the healing process can be effective for minor tendon damage. Some patients who’ve had total knee replacement or an ACL reconstruction previously may be more susceptible to experiencing a tendon tear.

Surgical repair of either the patellar or quadriceps tendon typically involves reattached the torn or damaged tendon to the appropriate location on the knee or kneecap. When repair surgery is performed shortly after diagnosis, there is often less risk of tightening of the affected tendon. During tendon repair surgery, care is taken to ensure that alignment of the reattached tendon is correct so knee functioning can be restored.

Microfracture Surgery

best-knee-surgeon-in-orange-county-orange-county-orthopedic-clinic-3Damage to knee cartilage that cushions the knee is sometimes corrected with microfracture surgery. It’s a procedure that involves small incisions and specially designed tools to make small holes in the bone near the cartilage that’s damaged. Over time, new cells are generated within these holes to form new cartilage to provide added support to the affected knee. Following the procedure, patients use a machine that gently exercises legs for about six weeks to condition and stimulate muscles. This is followed by physical therapy for about 3-6 weeks.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery can be either partial (unicompartmental) or full. A less complex procedure, a partial knee replacement may be performed when only a small portion of a knee is affected by damage, usually from a progressive condition such as osteoarthritis or a deformity of the knee. The part of the knee that is damage is replaced with artificial components that blend in with the remaining portion of the knee.

A full knee replacement may be required if damage to a knee is extensive and severe. This type of knee surgery involves the use on artificial knee made of a combination of plastic and metal components. Fortunately for patients needing a total knee replacement, it’s considered one of the most successful surgical procedures performed in the United States.

The best knee surgeon in Orange County to treat your knee injury or condition will present a wide range of options at our office. With knee surgery, this often includes minimally invasive techniques and a mix of proven methods and newer procedures that may better restore range-of-motion and stability. When possible, non-surgical remedies such as immobilization with bracing, modification of activities, and physical or occupational therapy are recommended after a conclusive diagnosis is made.