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3 Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain


3 Ways to Prevent Lower Back Pain

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Your lower back can bear the brunt of your daily routine. As you sit, stand, stretch, lift, and carry out dozens of other tasks each day, you could inadvertently put strain on this part of your body and, as a result, suffer unnecessary discomfort. You can prevent pain in your lower back by trying out these three helpful suggestions.

1. Change Your Sleeping Position

When it seems that your lower back starts hurting from the moment you get out of bed, it may be time for you to change your sleeping position. Some positions, especially sleeping on your stomach, can put undue strain and pressure on the joints in your lower back.

However, sleeping on your side with your knees slightly bent and brought closer to your chest could help relieve this pressure. Likewise, you can straighten out your spine while you sleep and thus relieve your lower back by putting a pillow in between your knees. Simply changing the position in which you sleep each night could do wonders for preventing pain in your lower back.

2. Stretch Your Hamstrings

Another simple way to relieve the pressure in your lower back involves stretching your hamstrings. Daily hamstring stretches can take some of the pressure off of your pelvis. It also helps keep your lower back in alignment and could relieve pressure that has been built up in the joints of this part of your spine.

It is critical that you perform these stretches steadily and consistently, however. Avoid rapid and jerky motions that could cause you to throw out your lower back. If you are not sure of which hamstring stretches to do, you should ask your doctor for his or her advice.

3. Do Yoga

Finally, yoga is a great way to prevent pain in your lower back. Yoga involves a series of stretches and flexible moves that progressively strengthen most parts of your body. It is low impact and safe for most people to do on a daily basis. It can also be done without having to join a gym or buy special exercise equipment.

Lower back pain can disrupt your daily routine. When you do not want to take medication or undergo surgery, you could relieve some or all of the discomfort you feel with some simple steps.